Jonah Folorunso

Design for me never sleeps. It’s forever changing and forever on-going. For every creative discipline whether it be dance, music or art, they all on go a process of imagination. What we as designers do is communicate this imagination through the correct mediums. In my case, understanding what the client wants then placing these demands into tangible visual communication, whilst bearing in mind to make it accessible and memorable for the user or viewer.

Most of the work carried forward are identification (ID) based projects, therefore understanding and establishing a distinct personality in each of my varied clients is crucial. Whether it be cultivating urban culture/arts or developing a combination of graphic objects and print solutions which provide unity in the culture of the corporate business.

After five years of design education, I was able to understand the process of thought and apply the correct treatment to my work by selecting some of my earlier experimental applications such as sculpture, illustration and photography. This allowed me to elevate my creative output, dealing with spatial-awareness and balance, textural impression and individual features.

As design is continually  growing, my discipline in learning and exploring new media must also be active. Remaining in the Zieghiest of today as a designer is not only important and beneficial to me as well  as my clients. Keeping relevant in this fast-paced industry is what all businesses thrive on. Creating sleek, fresh and distinctive visual communication is what tailors my craft and molds my work as a designer.